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"Ignite your wanderlust and light up the darkness of a fallen city. Use your agility and reflexes to avoid the dangers that lurk at every turn. You alone can avert disaster..." 




Ignite is a 2D platformer inspired by Super Meat Boy. The town is overtaken by a demon and your objective is to reignite the town's light sources before the town is consumed by complete darkness.

8 weeks, 20 h/week
4 programmers, 3 designers, 5 artists
TGE, in-house engine at The Game Assembly

Collision System

This would be the first project with the challenge of resolving collisions that we had to face. With Super Meat Boy as reference, we analyzed how we could replicate collisions in some way and decided to break it down, using AABB and triangle for environmental collisions, along with points to detect player collisions. With that said, we decided to keep it basic and staight to the pointYou can read more about the player controller at

Heads-Up Display

Two core things for the game was time for completion levels and story. These things were needed to be reflected on what the player can see on the display when playing.​

Since we kept track on how long it takes to complete level, and displaying these times in a stats page, we had to give the player a hint of "time counts" during playtime. So we made a clock.​

When completing a level the player can see some information - such as time for this run and it if was a new record.

During development we challanged each others best times. It got so far we had to check the data file, since times were displayed with two decimal precision, resulting we added an extra decimal to the time displayed.

When playing Ignite, we wanted the user to experience the world and situation of the character the player is controlling. We tried several solutions to give this to the player, ending up with the character thoughts written on a paper, matching the parchment shown when completing a level. These are shown when first entering a level.

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